Product Availability

Last update: 9/3/2014

This page allows you to view the setup of your products in the fulfillment system, with respect to compliance. This page provides visibility to the label registration and price posting configuration for your products. Also, if any of your products are already distributed in states where dual distribution is not permitted, this will be shown on the report.

To begin, select the Account (or brand) whose products you would like to review and then click the "Go" button to load the current configuration.

:Indicates a product that is currently compliant and is eligible to ship to a 3tier state

: The clock indicates a pending status to the state and awaiting approval.

:  Indicates expired registration status "Rejected"


1. WineDirect SKU, Product SKU & Description columns can be sorted.

2. CSV file formatting is provided in the upper right corner of your results to view in Excel.

Please provide product information to WineDirect once the product is approved.

For product updates or changes, please email to

Information requested:

  1. Client SKU
  2. Approval Date
  3. Price Postings: Posted Price for the states

Compliance by State allows you to view the configuration within the WineDirect system for each state.

‚ÄčAny questions, please contact your account manager.