December 2014 Release 

Good news! We’ve released several new features which will improve the delivery experience for your customers.

Customer expectations are at an all-time high. While we all know that the purchase experience is an important element of customer satisfaction, it’s important to remember that what happens after checkout can make or break the customer’s experience with your winery.

We’re here to make sure your customers receive the best delivery experience possible and we’ve released several new features to ensure they do.

Automated Package Rerouting

WineDirect is the first company in the wine industry and the only company other than Amazon to work with UPS to automate the package reroute process. You can now enter reroute requests directly in our online fulfillment portal; removing a layer of manual work and allowing you to respond much more quickly to customer requests. Even better, if you use Vin65, your customers can make those requests via their online accounts with your winery.

Free Rescheduling of Deliveries

We’ve partnered with UPS to make the UPS My Choice® program available to your customers. Now, your customers can login to their My Choice accounts and reschedule delivery at no cost. (This service is normally $5 for My Choice members.)

SMS (Text) Delivery Notifications via Vin65

As we get closer and closer to the holidays, your customers’ inboxes are no doubt flooded with marketing messages - and that means that delivery notification emails can easily get lost. If you use Vin65, your customers can now opt-in to receive those important notifications via text message. A short URL in the text will send them back to your website where they can track or reroute their package if needed.

Improved Tracking Ability

In addition to the SMS messages, we’re sending beautifully branded email updates with links referring customers back to your website, where they can view detailed tracking information without being redirected to a carrier website. The newly revamped emails and Vin65 account management tools provide an additional marketing opportunity for you.

Expedited Delivery to Southern California

As announced previously, UPS has established a new transportation route which is exclusive to WineDirect. This new route enables delivery to Southern California in one business day (formerly two.)

These features are all available immediately. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your Account Manager for more details.