Last update: 2/17/2015

The Back Orders page lists all orders with inadequate inventory to ship the order completely.

If there is not sufficient inventory available for an order:

  • We can hold the entire order until all products have sufficient inventory at the appropriate WD Fulfillment Center.
  • Cancel the order and you may reload a new order (with a new order #), substituting the SKU on the order with another product.
  • Orders can be held by you prior to submission to WD until sufficient inventory has been received at the appropriate WD Fulfillment Center.

WD cannot split orders but you are welcome to split orders.  The portion of the order that has available inventory can be sent to WD for processing.  The portion without inventory at the WD Fulfillment Center can be held by you until inventory is received and then submitted to WD for processing.  Note: this option results in increased shipping costs due to multiple packages being shipped.