Last update: 3/7/2018

WineDirect CoolPacks

The WineDirect CoolPack consists of a foam shipper and high-density icepack, providing excellent insulations with minimal additional weight to the overall package.  We designed it to protect your wine from external heat while keeping shipping costs low. 

Superior Materials

Made of expanded polystyrene (EPS), our shipper has superior insulation, is extremely lightweight and contains 60% recycled content.  

48+ Hour Protection

Our leak-proof, high-densisty foam refrigerant bricks provide temperature control for 48+ hours.

Better Design

Our packaging includes a special slot for the refrigerant brick, ensuring that it never comes in
direct contact with your wine. 

What it Costs

Shipper Size Added Weight # of Bricks Additional Cost
2 750ml Bottles 2lbs. 1 $6.00
4 750ml Bottles 2lbs. 1 $6.00
6 750ml Bottles 1lbs. 1 $6.00
12 750ml Bottles 2lbs. 2 $6.00
1 1.5L Bottle 2lbs. 1 $12.00


More Information

  • Rates are effective 3/15/2018.
  • CoolPacks are not compatible with more than one 1.5L large format bottle.
  • Please provide advance notice when submitting more than 50 CoolPack orders.
  • We recommend using 2-Day Service when the customer cannot be reached in 48 hours via Ground Service.
  • Please contact your Account Manager to learn more about our Temperature Control options or to enable the CoolPack SKU’s for your account.

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