Edit an Order

Last update: 7/22/2015

There are many ways to edit an order that is on hold.  An order can be held for many reasons - insufficient inventory, invalid address, sku error to name a few.  You now have the ability to edit orders in the Fulfillment Portal and move them through the system. Orders that have cleared and have been sent to the Warehouse Management System, "Sent to WMS" or that are shipped or closed, cannot be modified. 

Along with giving you new capabilities to update order information, we have created easy access buttons to make navigation easier.  Edit this Order, Change the Address, and Cancel this order buttons can be found on the upper right side of each order record. 

Changing the order contents can be conveniently done with one click. Video below:

Editing line items within an order

How to change the contents of your order. Watch the video below:

For questions or assistance, please reach out to our client services team: or call 707-603-4011.