Gift Sets & Pick-to-Order

Last update: 2/14/2018

Gift Set (GSET)

A pre-assembled group of products packaged together and submitted under one SKU#.

Pick to Order 

A group of products submitted under one SKU# that requires multiple picks and does not to be pre-assembled in advance.

Please complete our GSET/PTO Form (last updated 2/14/2018) for all new Gift Set or Pick To Order SKUs and save the file with your company name and date (MMDDYY).  For example: AcmeVineyards_GSET_091215.xls. Please use underscores ( _ ) instead of spaces.  Completed formas can be emailed to:

Note: If a GSET requires custom packaging please reach out to your Account Manager to review.  Custom packaging supplied by WineDirect will be invoiced and subject to standard payment terms.