Packing Slip Setup

Last update: 12/19/2015

Customized packing slips are available at no charge and can include your logo, a gift message and a marketing message.  Packing Slips may be configured by clients via the WD Portal.  Packing Slips are included in Daily orders.

If you would like to have a customized packing slip, please provide:

  • A high resolution copy of your logo (format: .gif or .jpg). The logo will format into a 3" centered area on the Packing Slip.

  • A marketing message will print on each Packing Slip.  The recommended character limits is 700 including spaces.

  • A gift message which is submitted on an order will print on the Packing Slip.  The gift message cannot exceed 240 characters including spaces.

Creating a packing slip

  • Choose Administration, Packing Slip Templates.
  • Choose the account you wish to update and select Go.
  • Choose Create New Packing Slip Template and name your template.
  • Choose Save.
  • Select the Assign Templates tab and choose the order type to associate with the packing slip.  Choose the template you recently created and save. 

Note:  You may edit an existing packing slip by choosing the edit button with pencil. 

All packing slips print in black and white.