Packing Slip Setup

Last update: 2/17/2015

Customized packing slips are available at no charge and can include your logo, a gift message and a marketing message.  Packing Slips may be configured by clients via the WD Portal.  Packing Slips are included in Dailies and Club straggler orders processed as Dailies.  Batched Club orders are shipped with the SKU’ed inserts or collateral provided by the client.

If you would like to have a customized packing slip, please provide:

  • A high resolution copy of your logo (format: .gif or .jpg) for the top left corner.The logo space can be either 2x5 inches or 4x4 inches and will print in black in and white.

  • A marketing message for the bottom.There is not a size limit but if it is too long, it will cause the packing slip to print on two pages.Recommended: 700 characters including spaces.

  • The originating WD Fulfillment Center address will print below your logo in case of returns from Direct states.

  • For 3-Tier states, the state retailer address will print below your logo.3-Tier returns will be held at our appointed state retailer partner pending re-ship instructions from you.

  • A gift message may be provided at the time an order is submitted for fulfillment and is optional.The gift message cannot exceed 240 characters including spaces.

Creating a packing slip

  • Choose Administration, Packing Slip Templates
  • Choose the account you wish to update and select Go
  • Choose Create New Packing Slip Template and name your template
  • Choose the layout of your template (4x4 Top Left, 5x2 Top Left or No Image)
  • In the bottom of the screen, you may enter your contact information for consumers should they have a question.
  • Choose Save
  • Select the Assign Templates tab and choose the order type to associate with the packing slip.  Choose the template you recently created and save. 

Note:  You may edit an existing packing slip by choosing the edit button with pencil. 

All packing slips print in black and white.