Updated: 8/19/2016

Rerouting a Package

We have a new feature giving the ability to reroute your UPS consumer packages via our WineDirect Fulfillment Portal. To reroute/redirect your consumer packages, the carrier must ship via UPS.  When electing to reroute a shipment, it’s important to note the “Delivery Status” of that shipment.  

Guidelines and processes:

  • Carrier pass through fees plus the difference in carrier costs (between old and new address) will be incurred by the winery.
  • Packages which have been “delivered” are not eligible for reroute.
  • “In transit” packages are eligible for reroute.
  • Once the redirect is submitted, there will be a delay of one business day as the request must reach the driver/hub to apply the changes.

Winery benefits and processes vary, depending on which of our services are in place:

  • WineDirect Fulfillment Only: The redirect API will allow a winery employee to reroute packages via the Fulfillment portal. In the past, these were handled manually through an email request.
  • WineDirect Fulfillment + ecommerce: When a winery uses both our fulfillment and ecommerce services, the winery’s customer will be able to login to their ecommerce account site and make the necessary changes. The package reroute option is only available to WineDirect fulfillment customers who have signed up for the Ecommerce Plus package. Read more about the ecommerce reroute details >> HERE

How to proceed with rerouting via the Fulfillment Portal:

  • Go to the Shipments page on the fulfillment portal to search for the order using the quick search field or by using the search filters. 
  • After submitting "Go", your results will appear in the table below.
  • Selecting the arrow  icon, located on the left of the order number, will prompt a small window to appear to submit your new address information.

  • Once the pop-up screen appears, use the form from the popup window to enter the details of the new delivery address. 
  • The telephone number, if provided, should be a phone number at the new delivery location.
Note that the state to which the shipment is being delivered cannot be changed for compliance reasons. 

  • By selecting "Submit Request",  it will submit your request for WineDirect to proceed with your submission to UPS for the address change.   Reroutes must be approved by WineDirect as part of the order workflow.
    • Restraints:

      1. Address line 2, if any, cannot exceed more than 8 characters in length.

      2. Address line 3 has a 3 character length limitation - typically this field is for floor numbers. 

  • Selecting "Close" to close the window.

Please note:  If you have an order that contains multiple packages/tracking numbers and they all need to be rerouted, be sure to make changes to reroute for each corresponding order.

If the customer reschedules a package using the UPS My Choice website, there is no charge.  This $5 fee is waived for WineDirect fulfillment customers.  While reschedules are permitted, redirects cannot be entered via My Choice.  They can only be made in Vin65 or in the WineDirect fulfillment Portal. Read more details about UPS My Choice.

*If you do not have access to this feature, please contact your client service team and they will add this permission to your username* Email: or call 707-603-4011.

For all other carrier reroute requests and/or intercepts (hold at location, Recall, hold for future date - GSO, FEDEX or 3TIER orders): please send an email to and include the following information:

  • Order Number
  • Consumer Name
  • Old Address Information
  • New Address Information
  • Phone number

WineDirect will submit the request to the carrier and reply back with an update. Depending on the location of the package, all re-routes cannot be guaranteed.