View Orders

Last update: 8/3/2015

From the View Orders page, search for orders that have been submitted within the WD fulfillment system.  Drill down to view order details and status, from upload through order delivery.

  1. The first search option is a quick search by order number; using either your Customer Order Number or by the WineDirect assigned order number. This will look for orders matching on the order number provided. Note that you can use the wildcard character "%" to perform pattern matching on the order number. Also note that as you provide more characters of the order number, your search will complete in a shorter time and will include fewer results.
  2. The second option for order search is to use the search options listed below. This allows you to perform a more detailed search of orders in the fulfillment system, appyling any combination of filters. In addition to the account, date range, and SKU selections, you can click the "More Options" button to see even more detailed search criteria.
  • Select a date submitted range for your order search
  • Search for all orders containing a specific sku
  • Select the More Options to narrow your search further

By default, your search will exclude cancelled and returned orders within a one month timeframe. This can be changed by clicking the "More Options" search button and selecting "Include Closed/Cancelled Orders".

Will Call Orders

Please contact your Account Manager for any details.