State Availability:

in the state availability menu option, you will be able to view your compliance configuration by state, you will need to select your account in the type of sale that you are compliant for

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Based on the type of sales selected the state compliance section will display a map indicating what states you are compliant in, any three-tier states, states with pre-certified orders, states that are retailer direct without a permit, in states that you can ship to via a WineDirect permit.

The generated state map can be saved as an image.

to view a list of your States and their associated permits in the wine direct system Scroll down below the map.

Product availability:

in the product availability sub-menu option, you will be able to view the setup of your product in the fulfillment system with respect to compliance.

the only search field criteria are the name of your account.

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This will display a list of all your products and their associated state registration price posting and state distribution status. After selecting search you will be able to download your list of products two an excel spreadsheet.

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Export for eCompliance:

In the Export for eCompliance sub-menu option, you can generate an export of shipment information that is properly formatted for use with the eCompli compliance system. To get started, choose a customer of interest and a date range for which you would like to see shipment information. Click the " Search" button to perform the search. When viewing the report results, you can click the "Excel" button to generate an Excel CSV document with all the information needed by the eCompli systems.

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State Shipping Permits:

In the overview of the permit manager, you can enter and maintain your direct shipping permit records. the information entered in this field is used by the wine direct fulfillment system to properly apply the compliance regulations appropriate for direct shipments.

you will first need to search by the vendor, brand name, and Permit Status.

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After selecting search, you will see a list of all the permits that fit that search criteria you can export your list of permits to an excel spreadsheet or you have the option to add a new permit.

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Selecting the add permit button will bring up a pop-up window that you will need to fill out with the state being permitted, the permit number, and the effective and expiration date of the permit.

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