Homepage Dashboard

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There have been significant improvements made to the home screen of the all-new WineDirect fulfillment portal. 

A fantastic new feature that you will find immediately upon logging in to your home page, is that there is now a permanent order search and product SKU search Located in the upper left-hand corner.  This search functionality is accessible from any of the pages in the portal.

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We have made navigating through the portal much easier!

Your navigation menu is now on the left-hand side of the screen, and functions in a more intuitive way. 

there is now a quick link from within the portal to access our documentation site, located at the top of your navigation menu.

Selecting any main option will expand its list of sub-options that you can navigate through, any sub-option that has additional options will also be expandable and is indicated by an arrow icon to the right of the location title.






You now also have two visual ways of reviewing relevant data about your account.  the new home screen displays your account information at a glance, you can now view that information either in a grid or as a graph.

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you can change back and forth between viewing your information in a grid and viewing your information as a graph as often as you would like by selecting the icons highlighted in the image above will determine how your information is displayed.

your selected display will follow your login, so you will not need to update your preferred view every time you log in.

Our notices and events Bulletin board is now located on the right-hand side of the screen and will be updated as needed.

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