After delivery attempts have been made to the recipient, the carrier returns the package back to WD.  All returned orders received are checked for damage and then received back into inventory or set in a QA (Quality Assurance) sub inventory and then returned to the client or held for pick-up as scheduled.  

You can opt-in on the Email Preferences, under the Administration menu tab, to receive an email confirmation when a return has been processed at the WineDirect fulfillment center.  Our robust returns page allows you to view a list of returned shipments that did not deliver to the intended recipient.  To view returns, choose Orders then Returns.  Choose the account to view, select the warehouse and then enter the date range of the returned orders you wish to manage. The inventory activity report also logs all returns in the portal by SKU.

You can also manage and record the status, resolution and add descriptive notes for each returned package by choosing the yellow folder with the green plus sign on the far left next to each order.  You can filter by reason code or status to query your orders further. 

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Status: A designated member of your team can update the status for each of your returned items (for example, is this a new return, is it in-process, or has it been resolved?)

Resolution: You can now record the ultimate resolution of each return (for example, was it refunded, reshipped, or handled in some other way?)

Notes: We’ve added a new field that can be used to note the reason for each return.

Searching Returns: Newly added filters will allow you to search orders by return status and resolution and, if you choose, to hide returns that have been fully processed.

Email Templates: With this feature, you can now create custom email templates based on return codes. You’ll find these templates under “Administration” in the main navigation.  If you do not have access, please email

Direct State Returns:

  • The charge for shipping a returned package back to the fulfillment center is the same as the outbound fulfillment charge
  • Each bottle is inspected, and inventory is returned to stock unless we discover issues that would require the product to be moved to our Quality Assurance (Q/A) HOLD location for resolution by the client

3-Tier State Returns:

State law does not allow the wine to be physically returned interstate.  Therefore, returns will be held at our appointed state retailer partner pending re-ship instructions.  The state retailer will notify WineDirect of orders that have been returned.  Your Account Coordinator will email the winery contact and request re-ship instructions.  The Retailer is not required to hold shipments longer than 6 weeks and wine may be discarded after that time has elapsed.

See the documentation for reshipments if you wish to send a replacement order.