Viewing inventory out requests

From this interface, you will be able to search for any of your inventory-out requests. you will be able to search for your inventory out requests by their order or reference number, selecting your account, selecting the associated warehouse, you can search for inventory outs containing specific SKUs, you can search by a custom date range, and lastly you can search by the five preset date range options in the all-new WineDirect fulfillment portal.

after selecting search, you will be able to export the list of inventory-out requests to an excel file.

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In the list of returned items when searching for your inventory-outs you will see the Winery name. the warehouse, the order number and reference number, the date ordered, its status, and who created the request,

selecting the order or reference number will take you to that inventory out request,

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What you will see after selecting the order or reference number is a synopsis of the inventory out the order.

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