Order Batch Summary

Use the Order Batch Summary tool to view a list of order batches uploaded within the date range specified. The Batch Status identifies successfully imported batches as well as the status of each order as it progresses through the system. Order processing time within the fulfillment system Takes about 30 mins. 

Review Submitted Batches

From this page, you have the option to look up batches within the last month or by specific Batch Number.

After you press 'Go', you are able to view the order status to ensure that they all imported successfully.

As the orders progress through the system, they move left to right in the above window.  In this example, 100% of the orders were imported successfully.  If there is a problem with any order, it will stop at the applicable stage. 

Order Count The order count is equal to the number of orders in the batch. 
Capture Failed An error occurred in the transmission of the order to WineDirect.  These occur rarely and are monitored by us. 
Ready to Process Orders have gone through the first set of validations and are ready to move to the next stage.  No action required.
Needs Action Orders that are in this stage need to be corrected before they move to the next stage.  They can be reviewed and in many cases, corrected in Orders Needing Action.  There are several reasons why an order needs action, such as an invalid or duplicate address, a duplicate orders or a missing sku. 
Deleted by User The order was deleted.
Ready to Import The order cleared the last validation before importing.  No action required. 
Unable to Import The system was unable to import the order into the WineDirect Order Management System.  This is monitored by us.
Imported The total number of orders imported successfully.