Holiday / Peak Season Carrier Updates and Tips 

In an effort to better assist you with your shipping needs during this Holiday Season, we have compiled the following to keep you informed of the latest and greatest on the carriers.

Carrier Delays

The carrier delays we started to experience at the beginning of the pandemic is expected to continue through the Holiday Season and end of year.

What does this mean? Although orders may ship on time from our facility, once passed over to the carriers, there may be delays.

How can you tell if there will be delays? Unfortunately, this is subject to a number of variables, such as, but not limited to the following:

  • Origin hub capacity
  • Service evel
  • Carrier
  • Destination state
  • Destination hub capacity

What type of delays can we expect? These can be delayed possession scans and prolonged periods of "Label Created" showing on the tracking #s. Please rest assured that when tracking is live, this means that the order has shipped from a WineDirect facility. If for some reason an order doesn’t ship on time, we will be sure to keep you informed.

Carrier delays also includes delayed deliveries.

Are express orders exempt? Unfortunately, no. Carriers are experiencing delays across all service levels.

Can anything be done? Once the order is handed off to the carriers, there’s not much we can do to prevent delays or to expedite orders in transit. We highly recommend factoring in carrier delays when placing orders.

However, we can always submit a claim (FedEx and GSO) or a trace (UPS) to try to nudge the carrier into action with an order that has missed it’s intended delivery date. Please keep in mind the following timelines:

  • If a trace (UPS) is filed
    • Please note that traces can take up to 8 business days from when the trace request was submitted.
    • Your assigned Account Coordinator will keep you updated on any updates and the trace results.
  • If a claim (FedEx and GSO) is filed
    • Please note that this may take up to 6 months for the claim to be processed and approved by the carrier.
    • Keep an eye on the Claims page in the Fulfillment Portal for updates.

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Hold for Pick-Up

Carriers have reached capacity at several hubs and carrier locations*. This has caused an issue with hold for pick-up requests not being honored.

What does this mean? Unfortunately, due to the overwhelming amount of shipments across all industries, carriers are running out of space and can’t always accommodate hold for pick-ups. These requests are subject to space limitations.

Can anything be done? We can always give it a try and submit such requests. However, we highly recommend that the winery and the end consumers keep an eye on tracking in the chance the request is not honored.

As of right now, carriers have been offering a limited window to take corrective action when they can’t honor the pick-up request. Otherwise, orders will be returned to WineDirect.

To avoid this from the get-go, we highly recommend the end consumer make arrangements with the location prior to the request being made.

*Please note that this includes FedEx Stores, UPS Stores, UPS Customer Centers, and UPS Access Points.

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Recalls and Call Tags*

There may be some delays but these requests are typically honored by the carriers to the best of their ability.

What does this mean?

RECALLS – It means that if the destination hub is at capacity with orders and requests, the recall may not be honored and may deliver.

CALL TAGS – These are typically scheduled for the next business day but are subject to delays.

Can anything be done?

RECALLS – We highly recommend that the end consumer be instructed to reject the delivery.

Outside of the delivery rejection, not much can be done.  

CALL TAGS – We highly recommend that an alternate address be provided where a person always will be available to hand over the order. Call tags are typically granted 3 pick-up attempts.

*Please note that call tags and recalls are not a conduit to have the orders delivered elsewhere. These orders will need to hit our facility. If you would like to have the order ship elsewhere, we recommend issuing a RESHIP order.

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Reroute requests typically can take up to 1-2 business days to be processed by the carrier. However, due to the overwhelming volume of shipments on the carrier side, these requests are subject to delays.

What does this mean? The requests will continue to be submitted but it may take longer than the usual 1-2 day window for the carriers to process.

Can anything be done? Unfortunately, no. Once the request is submitted, we’re at the graces of the carrier and their volume.

The timeframe of reroute requests being processed by the carrier depends on volume of that designated carrier and destination hub.

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Service Failures and Credits

We are starting to see an uptick on service failures, such as orders being left at the door without a signature or delivering to an incorrect address, across all carriers. Typically, we would be able to request a credit on your behalf, but this is no longer an option with carriers.

What does this mean? It means that the carriers are trying their best to work with the overwhelming order load and human errors may occur.

Can anything be done? Our options are limited. We can submit driver complains but no credits will be granted by the carriers. Since the beginning of the pandemic, carriers have frozen all credit requests and are known to freeze credit requests during peak season.

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