UPS My Choice Overview

Through our strong technology partnership with UPS, WineDirect is able to offer a number of features which lead to fewer undeliverable packages and a better experience for your customers.

Consumer Benefits:

WineDirect is the first company in the wine industry to have free UPS My Choice memberships connected to its account. When consumers use My Choice, WineDirect is recognized as the carrier via the tracking number. Customers are able to reschedule deliveries at no charge (this is normally $5 for My Choice members) and take advantage of all other My Choice benefits that are available for wine delivery:

  • Delivery Alerts: Customers will get proactive notifications via text, phone or email the day before a delivery.
    • Note: These notifications come from UPS and the feature is available to WineDirect customers whether they use WineDirect Ecommerce or not.
  • Approximate Delivery Time:  When possible, UPS will provide an estimated delivery time frame. This time is not guaranteed and may vary based on driver’s workload, weather and traffic.  
  • Hold for Will Call: Customers can request that packages be held for pickup at a UPS operations facility (this doesn’t apply to UPS stores). Please note that “hold for will call” is not available at UPS stores. To change the name of the recipient retrieving the order, the last name or street address on the ID of the individual picking up must match the recipient's on the original shipping label.
  • Free Reschedule Delivery: Choose a new delivery date that fits your schedule. This service, which is normally $5 for UPS My Choice members, is available at no cost for customers of WineDirect’s fulfillment clients.
  • Deliver to Another Address – For non-UPS My Choice members, the “Redirect Now” button will be only available in the Automatic Day Before Delivery email notification alert from the carrier. Because wine shipments are subject to compliance restrictions, this cannot be arranged through UPS My Choice more than 24 hours prior to the scheduled delivery, but rather, it is done via the redirect API. However, UPS My Choice members can make the redirect request as soon as the order is tracking in the carrier's system.
  • Additional Features Available for Premium Members: (Note, the features below are available only if the customer elects to purchase a UPS My Choice Premium Membership of $40):
    • Delivery Planner: Manage and track all your home deliveries with a convenient, online calendar.
    • Confirmed Delivery Window: Get a confirmed two-hour window for home delivery. ($5 per use for Premium members)

How it Works:

Your customers sign up for a “free” UPS My Choice membership by visiting the UPS website. When signing up, they choose the delivery options that meet their needs.

They can then login to their My Choice account to track packages or reschedule deliveries. Rerouting is also available, though with wine, it must be done through the winery (through WineDirect).

Please note that some UPS My Choice features are not available for wine deliveries:

  • Authorize Shipment Release: Give authorization online for UPS to deliver packages without a signature for drop-off when you’re not going to be home to sign in person, or change the recipient's name for pick up at a local UPS Store (either the last name or street address on the ID of the individual picking up must match the recipient's on the original shipping label).
  • Deliver to UPS Retail Location (UPS Store): Request your packages be delivered to The UPS Store near you for pickup.
  • "Leave at" Driver Instructions: Have your packages left with a neighbor (neighbor must be within walking distance).