Club Orders & Checklist

Club Orders

  • If you have 75 or more club orders we will request a Club Checklist so we can add your shipments onto our Master Club Shipping Schedule
  • Order type is “CLUB”.
  • Packing slips are not included in Club shipments.
  • Inserts/collateral should be setup as SKUs in the WD system and submitted on your system orders.
  • Order Holds and/or Requested Future Ship must be established prior to submitting orders.
  • Ensure product moves are completed from Primary to Club sub-inventory if applicable
  • Vintage Funds account should be pre-funded prior to club shipments if applicable
Clubs with CoolPacks/Temp Control Truck requests: please coordinate with your Club Manager before planning your club shipments, noted on the new Save the Date document. 

Club Setup & Timeline

  • Planning: 6 weeks in advance for Save the Date
    WD requests clients complete a Forecast Planning Worksheet annually with a full year’s worth of forecasting data to help book your desired ship dates and help WD plan for staffing and packaging needs. We also request a Club/Release Save the Date Worksheet which should be submitted 6 weeks in advance of your club ship date to your Account Manager.  This worksheet includes requested ship date, date we need product SKU’s setup, date we need inventory In requests completed, date orders need to be submitted, whether Coolpacks will be used, package sizes, and forecasted SKU’s. 

  • Product Setup: 4 weeks in advance of ship date (5 weeks if shipping bi-coastally)
    A Product Setup Form for your wines and inserts/collateral should be completed and submitted to  Please coordinate any price posting or label registration efforts with your compliance partner for 3-Tier states in advance of submitting the Product Setup Form.
  • Inventory Transfer: 3 weeks in advance of ship date (4 weeks if shipping bi-coastally)
    Complete and submit an inventory Transfer In request online via the WD Portal. 
  • Inventory Delivery: 2 weeks in advance of ship date (3 weeks if shipping bi-coastally)
    Upon receiving confirmation of your Inventory In request, you will receive a reference/PO#.  Inventory may be delivered to the appropriate WD fulfillment center.
  • ORDER DATA SUBMISSION - 1 week in advance of ship date
    Please submit Club orders 1 week in advance of the ship date to check for any data integrity issues and to allow us to begin preparing packages for shipment.  Remember to include your insert/ collateral SKUs with each order.  Please check with your POS/eCommerce provider on any special needs with regards to releasing your orders.