Order Management Best Practices

Below are recommended steps to manage open orders on a daily basis in the WineDirect Fulfillment Portal

Start with the Home Page:

Review Order status on the dashboard
Note the hold messages such as “Orders Needing action” and any orders on hold (i.e. shipping instructions, insufficient inventory, etc.)

Next, review the Orders Module:

Start by reviewing Orders Needing Action, which require your attention in order to remove any errors and progress to the Warehouse for shipment.

There are several reasons why orders may fail in Orders Needing Action.  Some examples of issues that will require your attention are below:

Requested Priority The shipping POS code is not configured in the WineDirect system. Please work with your account manager to set up and then the order can progress.
Ordered Item The Order contains one or multiple SKUs not set up in the WineDirect system.   Please submit a Product Set up form to .  Once the product(s) is set up, the order can be processed for shipment
Duplicate Order

The system has already received an order with this same number.  You can modify the order number (to differentiate) as the system cannot process the same order number. Or you can delete the order from this page

Ship-to Address Address information from the ship to address is missing.  Modify and retry, allow for 15 – 20 minutes to process

Correct the issue (noted in yellow) and save your change, allowing approximately 15 minutes to process

Review all open orders checking for hold status

Orders\View Orders
Filter all orders with a Type of Hold “Include Orders on Hold for Any Reason”.  We recommend choosing a date range up through today and sorting by detailed status. 
Note:  The hold status will match what was referenced on the dashboard in Step #1.  Address any orders with shipping instructions (which go on hold by default), insufficient inventory, etc.  Call or email your Account Coordinator with any questions


Review the Address Corrections Module:

Select the address corrections module to review any orders that may have address issues.


Review the Order Batch Summary checking the status of orders flowing into the Fulfillment Portal.  This is particularly helpful after club releases to check bulk orders Orders\Batch Summary

Review backorders ensuring that orders with insufficient inventory are being managed.
Orders\Back Orders


Review Delivery Exceptions reported by the carrier to manage orders in transit that have not yet been delivered


Review returns to review shipments returned to our facility for failed attempts.

Manage your Weather Holds
Set up your weather holds and release orders

Orders that have not yet been sent to fulfillment can be modified.  For example, shipping service levels, future ship dates, gift messages, email addresses and address changes.   Within the view orders, choose an order and click on the edit pencil option to modify these data elements.