When consumers are not home to sign for a package and miss all carrier's delivery attempts, the package will be returned to the fulfillment center or 3-Tier state from which it shipped. 

Direct State Returns

For any product returned by a consumer, or returned due to unsuccessful delivery, we will notify you following return of the order and then return the product to your inventory account unless we receive different instructions from you.

  • The return charge is the same as the outbound fulfillment charge for the return or re-ship. 
  • Packages are returned to the originating WineDirect Fulfillment Center and are visible on the WineDirect Portal.  
  • Returned orders received are reviewed for quality and either returned to inventory or to the winery.
  • Orders returned back to stock will be visible on the WineDirect Portal and will appear in the returns module.
  • Orders that do not pass the QA checks will be set aside in a QA location and returned to the winery once a month or disposed of at the wineries request.  
  • An email notification will also be sent to the email we have on file which was set up at launch to notify of returned shipments. 
  • If the consumer would like a replacement order, please submit a replacement order.

3-Tier State Returns

State law does not allow wine to be physically returned interstate.  As a result, returns will be held at our appointed state retailer partner pending re-ship instructions. 

We will notify you upon return of any products to the clearing retailer in the consumer’s state by consumer or due to unsuccessful delivery by the carrier, and you agree to provide a new ship-to address within that state within two (2) business days of receiving the first such notice from us.  Otherwise, the Products will be disposed of after 6 weeks from receipt by the retailer. 

Resolution options:

  1. Re-ship to original consumer at original address.
  2. Re-ship to original consumer at a new address in state.
  3. Ship to new consumer in-state.
  4. Will-Call at retailer (not always available).