Vintage Funds Overview

WineDirect Fulfillment’s 3-Tier network provides access to states not open for direct shipment or as an alternative in states that direct ship permits may be cost prohibitive. 

WineDirect Fulfillment offers a comprehensive 3-Tier solution which includes brand registration and price posting services, fulfillment thru an established wholesaler/retailer network, cash disbursement and reporting. 

State Coverage – NJ 

Vintage Funds does not process consumer payments.  All consumer payments are processed through the applicable WineDirect client.  100% of the funds collected are then advanced by the client to the Escrow Account on account for the licensed seller of record for the order, in accordance with accepted regulatory requirements, which mandate that funds are received for an order in full prior to shipping that order.  

Upon confirmation of shipment of the ordered product, the funds held by the Escrow Account will be disbursed to all appropriate transaction vendors at the instruction of the licensed seller of record (SOR) as required by law.  This includes required POs, invoices, and all taxes (excise and sales).

As funds are received from processed orders, please make sure to advance 100% of the Total Consumer Sale to the Escrow Account prior to shipment to sufficiently fund the transaction.

  • Total Consumer Sales = total sales price + shipping/handling + sales tax   
  • To fund the 3-Tier Escrow Account, the client should wire or ACH the cash requirement using the banking information below: 

Wire/ACH Transfer Account Information:
Account Name: Winedirect Inc. – Vintage Funds 1
ABA#:  121143260
Acct#:  8551915827 

  • Email payment confirmation to the Accounts Receivable Department,, to accordingly apply the funds within the client’s account 

Upon shipment, 100% of the funds are disbursed by the Escrow Account to all appropriate entities: retailer, wholesaler, out-of-state-shipper, owner, WineDirect and the client/third party. 

The remaining balance of each transaction, after all other entities have been paid, is returned to the client’s Escrow Account subaccount as a revolving balance unless otherwise requested. 

If payment is not received in a timely manner, shipments will be held pending funding and released for the next available 3-Tier shipment date.