Last update: 9/3/14

Vintage Funds for Wholesalers

Provides the wholesaler ability to view orders associated with Vintage Funds payments received. As a wholesaler, this report details your purchases from the Out-of-State Shipper (OOSS) and sales to retailer for orders moving through the WineDirect clearing network.

You are presented with two search options. First, you can search for invoices recorded during a specific date range.

NOTE: The invoicing date for each Vintage Funds transaction is the day that the invoices were processed through the financial system. To perform this type of search, simply enter the date range of interest in the form below and click "Go" to perform the search.

The second search option allows you to locate invoices associated with a particular check that you have received from Vintage Funds. For this type of search, enter the check number printed in the corner of the Vintage Funds check and click "Go" to find the invoices.

After performing your search, you can click the "Export" button to view the report data in Excel (CSV) format.