Alabama Wine Shipping Regulations

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Consumers are required by law to go to a State ABC store to place a special order and obtain a Direct Import Authorization Form. This must be obtained prior to placing an order for out-of-state wine. 

•    A list of Alabama state stores can be found here.
•    The consumer then sends a copy of the completed form to the winery they are purchasing from.
•    The winery sends order information to WineDirect including:

    o    ABC Store number in the Name or Company field
    o    ABC Store address in the address fields
    o    Copy of the form to WineDirect at to include in the shipping package with the wine.

•    WineDirect ships the package to the designated State ABC store.
•    Upon arrival at the ABC Store, the consumer will be contacted for pickup.
•    The consumer is responsible for payment of the Alabama taxes upon pickup.
•    PLEASE NOTE: Carriers will return shipments not properly addressed to an Alabama ABC State Store.