Bulk Order Update 

The Bulk Order Update feature offers the opportunity to update a limited set of order attributes on a batch of orders at the same time. 

The order attributes available for a bulk update are:

  • Ship From Warehouse
  • Notification Template aka the Shipment Notification
    • Only applicable to Fulfillment only clients
  • Order Type
  • Requested Service Level
  • Packing Slip Template
  • Requested Ship Date

NOTE: The feature is permissions based. If you would like access to the Bulk Order Update, please reach out to your assigned Account Manager.

Once access is granted, the Bulk Order Update feature can be accessed from the Orders tab.

Once in the Bulk Order Update page, you have the option of searching the orders via the following criteria:

  • Account
  • Current Requested Ship Date
  • Order Status
    • NOTE: Orders must be in a Processing status. If the order is in Fulfilling, "Sent to WMS" status, the Bulk Order Update will not work.
  • Batch #
  • Order Type
  • Shipping Warehouse
  • Carrier Service Level
  • Assigned Packing Slip
  • Assigned Notification Template aka the Shipment Notification
    • Only applicable to Fulfillment only clients
  • Destination State

When the search criteria is selected, click "Go" to launch the search. A list of orders will populate that match the search criteria.

From the list, select the order(s) you would like to make changes to. To select the orders, click on the check box on the left hand side. To select all orders, click on the check box from the header.

NOTE: When "Select All" is chosen, all orders, even on subsequent pages will be selected.

Once the batch of orders is selected, click on "Select Order Attributes to Update." This will bring up a window with a summary of the # of orders selected and all the changable attributes.

Once the changes have been selected, click "Next." A submission disclaimer will appear.

NOTE: Once the changes are applied, there's no undo button.

Click into the check box of the disclaimer and click "Next" to apply the changes. Allow a minute or 2 for the module to apply the changes.

When the changes have been applied, a confirmation summary will populate. Click "Close" to exit the pop up window and resume your session.