Call Tags

Call tags are requests made to carriers to pick up wine delivered to a consumer that should be returned back to the fulfillment center.  Before a Call Tag can be issued, the order(s) must be delivered to the consumer.  You can view order status anytime on the WD Portal.


Steps to initiate a call tag:

  • Email with the order number and recipient name of the shipment to be picked up.
  • A request will be made with the carrier to have the package returned to the originating Fulfillment Center.
  • Once the order is received at the Fulfillment Center it will appear on the WineDirect Portal as a returned order.
  • To view the returned order, view Orders\Returns

NOTE: Direct orders may be returned to the Fulfillment Center.  3-Tier orders will be returned to the state retailer to await resolution. If you have a 3-Tier order that was returned, please provide instructions on reshipping the package within the state.