Cancel an Order

There are two ways to cancel an order in the WineDirect Fulfillment Portal:

1. Cancelling from the main View Orders Screen:

  • Go to Orders >> View Orders on the fulfillment portal


  • Search for your order/s using either the quick search order field or by selecting a group of orders at a time.
  • Select the red “” on the left hand side, next to the order number you would like to cancel.

  • A small popup will appear: selecting “OK” the cancellation request or “Cancel” to back out of the cancellation request.

  • Once cancelled, a popup window confirming your request.
  • Select “OK” to close the popup window.

 2. Cancelling in the Order Details of the order:

  • Go to the View Orders page to search for the specific order you would like to cancel 
  • Click the order number to bring you to the order details page.
  • Select “Cancel this Order” button at the top of the upper right corner.
  • A small popup will appear: select “OK” to confirm the request to Cancel. 


Please reach out to or call 707-603-4011 if you have any questions or need additional information. 

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Cancelling an order in fulfillment when processing an order in ecommerce via API connection:

Best practice recomenended is to completely cancel the order in ecommerce first and resubmit a new order through your admin panel. 

Cancelling orders:

  1. Cancel the Order in your Admin panel in ecommerce
  2. Order cancellation will automatically refund the customer and will replenish inventory.

Learn how to cancel the order in ecommerce HERE.

Pick up Orders:

Alternatively, if your consumer calls to have their order changed to a pickup, you can proceed with the flowing steps:

  1. Cancel the Order in WineDirect Fulfillment.
  2. In your ecommerce admin panel: change the Shipping Status to one of the two:
  • Handled Externally
  • No Shipping Required
  • Please ensure to not leave the shipping status blank in the order (in WineDirect Ecommerce). Shipping Status is located in the "SHIPPING" tab in the order. Leaving the status blank in the shipping field will trigger Ecommerce to resubmit the order to WDF again.
  • For further questions regarding how to change the shipping status on an order, please visit the Ecommerce Documentation site on  how to "Change Shipping Status"

If the order in fulfillment is already picked/packed, it will generate an error message while attempting to cancel; explaining the order was unable to cancel in Fulfillment,

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