Order Editing Updates

Great news for our fulfillment customers! You now have the ability to edit orders directly through the portal. This is a feature many of you have asked for and thanks to our technology team; you can now make changes directly. No need to contact Client Services!

It’s not unusual for customers to ask to change orders they’ve already placed. Perhaps they’d like to add another item or fix a typo in the “ship to” address. Or maybe you’d like to remove an item that’s gone out of stock. Now you can easily edit many of the fields on your open orders with our new “one click” editing capability. Your shipment records will always be accurate and your customers will see the correct information on their packing slips.

Important note: This feature applies to orders that are “on hold.” Orders with the following statuses can’t be modified: 1) sent to WMS, 2) shipped, or 3) closed.

Our tutorial video and the text following it will help you get started.

To get started, click through to an order that is currently on hold. In the upper right corner, you’ll see the option to “Edit this order.”

What's New?

You can now change the contents of an order

Once you’re on the “Edit this order” page, you’ll see the individual line items at the bottom. From here you can make the following changes:  

  • Change the quantity or price of a product:  Click the “make changes to this line” icon. Change the quantity or price and save.  Learn more >
  • Add a new product to the order: Click “add a new record.”  Select the product from the drop-down. Add the quantity and price and save.  Learn more >
  • Remove a product from the order: Change the quantity to “0” and save. Learn more >

You can change order attributes

From the “Edit this order” page, you’ll see order attributes on the top left side of the screen.

  • Change the ship from warehouse:  If your account is set up for Bi-Coastal shipping and you have inventory in multiple WineDirect fulfillment centers, you have the option to change the Ship-from Warehouse. The field at the top shows the warehouse the order will ship from. You can change this by selecting from the drop-down. (Note that the drop-down shows only the options that are available to you.) Learn more >
  • Change the requested ship date: Select the calendar icon to change or add. Learn more >
  • Change the requested service level: Select from the drop-down menu. Learn more >
  • Change the notification email address: Change or add a notification email address using this field. Learn more >
  • Change the notification phone number: Change or add a phone number using this field. Learn more >
  • Change the default packing slip: Change the packing slip template selection using the drop-down menu to the right.
  • Change the onsite-purchase status: For tasting room orders, you can change the selection to onsite by selecting “yes” from the drop-down. 

You can change messaging

From the “Edit this order” page, you’ll see messaging fields on the top right side of the screen.

  • Edit the gift message: Use the text box to the right to change or add a gift message.  Learn more >
  • Edit the shipping instructions: Use the text box to the right to make changes. 

You can cancel an order

We’ve added the ability to cancel an order to the edit order screen, so there are now a couple of different ways to cancel an order. From the edit order screen, click “Cancel this order” in the upper right corner. You’ll be asked to confirm before proceeding.  Learn more >

You can change an address

If you’re changing an address, you’ll also notice a new look and feel. From the edit order screen, click “Change this address” in the upper right corner. 

Make the necessary changes and save. Learn more >

Inventory IN's and Out's

Finally, Inventory IN and Inventory Out requests can now be canceled via the portal.

Canceling an Inventory IN Request. Learn more >

Canceling an Inventory Out Request. Learn more >