Gift Sets & Pick-to-Order

Gift Set (GSET)

A pre-assembled group of products packaged together and submitted under one SKU#.

Pick to Order (PTO)

A group of products submitted under one SKU# that requires multiple picks and does not need to be pre-assembled in advance.

Please complete our GSET/PTO Form for all new Gift Set or Pick To Order SKUs and save the file with your company name and date (MMDDYY).  For example: AcmeVineyards_GSET_091215.xls. Please use underscores ( _ ) instead of spaces.  Completed formats can be emailed to:

Note: If a GSET requires custom packaging please reach out to your Account Manager to review.  Custom packaging supplied by WineDirect will be invoiced and subject to standard payment terms.

Fulfillment GSET Process & Project Builds

1. Submit A completed Product Setup Form

  • The form can be found on the WD Fulfillment Portal Here.  Or Enter “Product Setup Form” in the upper left corner search box of your Fulfillment Portal.
  • Submit a completed Product Setup Form via email to
  • Your Account Coordinator will setup the individual component SKUs for the GSETs, which need to be setup prior to the GSET (Master/Parent SKU) setup form is submitted.

2. Submit a Completed GSET Form

  • The form can be found above on this page.  Or enter “Gift Sets & Pick-to-Order” in the upper left corner search box of the Fulfillment Portal.
  • Submit a completed GSET form via email to and copy your Account Manager.
  • Your Account Coordinator will setup the GSET SKU(s) in your account.

3. Submit an INVENTORY IN

  • Once all SKUs for all the products (wine, tissue, boxes, etc.) are setup, an Inventory IN request can be submitted via the WineDirect Portal at under the Products tab.

4. Product Confirmation

  • Confirm that all products have been received in and are on hand prior to requesting the GSET / Project Build request with your Account Manager.

5. GSET / Project Request Quantity

  • Email your Account Manager the build request and include SKU #’s and quantity of sets to be built.  If applicable, please include photos of completed project with your request.  Tissue wrapping requires a Project Build.
    • Bi-Coastal Clients: Please note ALL GSET / Project Builds must be completed at our WDI facility, once completed you may submit an Inter-Transfer request to GLW

6. GSET/ Project Builds

  • Your Account Manager will submit the request to our Projects Team and provide you an estimated turn-around time.  Please note that builds requests are “first-come, first-served”.
  • During the busy gifting season of September thru December, we recommend submitting build requests a minimum of 4 weeks prior to when you would like to ship.
  • Builds are billed @ $40 per labor hour with a 1 hour minimum, billed in full-hour increments, plus materials.
  • Break-downs are billed at $40 per labor hour with a 1 hour minimum, billed in full-hour increments.
  • Once the build(s) have been completed and adjusted into your Inventory, your Account Manager will advise of the completion.