Orders Needing Action

Click Orders Needing Action to find and edit orders with missing data or validation errors that require attention.

If an order is failing for a Product Set Up, please complete the Product Setup Form and send the completed file to to ensure the SKU(s) are set up to clear the pending order(s).

If an order is failing for reasons other than a Product Set up, the required fields with the error will be highlighted under the "New Value" section. Once your changes have been made, click "Save" on the bottom left corner to retry the order through the system. 

Once you update the order(s), they will retry through the fulfillment system for processing, this will take about 20 minutes.

You can also click cancel to discard your changes. 

How to determine the holding reason for your pending orders:

The column "Failure Reason" will indicate the type of hold for your order(s). 

Possible reasons:

  • Duplicate Order = The order number submitted has already been submitted within the system.
  • Ordered Item = A product(s) in the order is not setup within the fulfillment system.
  • Requested Priority = The shipping code in the order is not mapped/setup. 
  • Ship-to Address = The required fields for the ship-to address are either invalid or missing data.
    • Required fields for addresses:
      • Ship to First Name
      • Ship to Last Name
      • Ship-to Address Line 1 
      • Ship-to City
      • Ship-to State
      • Ship to Postal Code 
      • Ship-to Country

Clicking into the order, by selecting the "edit" icon; located on the left of the order number will bring you to the error details.

After clicking the edit icon, it will bring you to the order details where you can make corrections and retry the order. 

Selecting "Save" on the bottom left corner to retry the order through the system or "Cancel" to discard your changes; bringing you back to the main Orders Needing Action page.

For further assistance or questions, please reach out to or call: 707-603-4011.