Ship-to Address Specifications

When submitting orders, please mindful of the address character limitations with our carriers.

Please note that each line has a specified character limitation as outlined below:

Name: 30 characters (including spaces)
Company Name: 30 characters (including spaces)
Address Line 1 (typically used for the street address): 30 characters (including spaces)
Address Line 2 (typically used for Apt #s): 30 characters (including spaces)
Address Line 3 (typically used for Floor #s): 30 characters (including spaces) 

If an order is submitted with an address containing more characters than the limitation listed, the order will go on hold for “Invalid Address.” Allowing time to change and update the address accordingly.

If you have any questions on the address character limits, please contact your Client Service Team and they will be able to further assist you.

Email: or call 707-603-4011.

To download this information, please click here