Your Temperature-Controlled Shipping Solutions

Extended incentives: Through October 31st, enjoy 25% off overnight express services and $5 off all CoolPacks (regularly $8)! 

Your temperature-controlled shipping solution just got an upgrade! Consumers everywhere are turning to ecommerce to fulfill their needs, from daily necessities to luxury wine. To keep your customers with you for the long haul, it’s more important than ever to give them a seamless, fast delivery experience this summer and beyond.

As of June 1, 2020, you benefit from added transfer frequency, a new drop point, spot-on tracking data, our bulk order updater and more - just in time for the busy summer shipping season.

summer shipping

New Arizona Drop Point

Even more flexibility on our temperature-controlled Southern Route via FedEx, with capability to add ice packs before packages head out for delivery in Arizona. Normal cool pack process and fees apply.

Added Transfer Frequency for Temperature Controlled Line Haul

Get wine to your customers sooner with twice-weekly service on Tuesdays and Fridays to both Texas and Arizona via our FedEx Southern Route. Service to Florida is once per week.

Once-weekly transfer to Glenwillow, Ohio on Fridays with orders out for delivery on Tuesdays.

Learn more about our Napa Valley and Central Coast service schedules.

Better Tracking Data

Your customers can better plan for wine deliveries with accurate projections for delivery dates when orders are shipped by temp-controlled linehaul.

Bulk Order Updater

This new tool within the Fulfillment Portal allows you to easily find orders on weather hold, and update multiple orders at once with just a few clicks.

Example:  if you have all your Florida orders on weather hold, you can select the entire group and upgrade to 2-day in just a few clicks.  No more entering each order and updating one at a time.

Learn more about making bulk order updates here.

Saturday Delivery

As a reminder, we’ve partnered with FedEx for delivery on Saturdays to provide you with even more reliable service, and an extra day per week to ensure customers receive your wine.

How do I get set up? 

To ensure smooth, temperature-controlled wine delivery that’s as fast and accurate as your customers expect, make sure to follow these steps.

  • Choose your routes: Please reach out to your assigned Account Manager or Account Coordinator to set up your shipping codes.

  • Add CoolPacks: Please reach out to your assigned Account Coordinator to get the SKU set up for your account.
  • Using our ecommerce integration?
    • Visit our cold shipping documentation to help you get set up in the Admin Panel. As part of our ecommerce platform upgrade, our Shipping Strategies section has a brand new look and feel that's easier to use than ever!
    • Contact or call 800-819-0325 for to have CoolPack functionality turned on. If you aren’t using WineDirect’s ecommerce software, speak to your provider about any setup tasks.

If you use our ecommerce integration, navigate to Store > Shipping to set up your shipping strategies:

By following these steps, you can ensure that your orders easily pass quarantine and your wine is out for delivery right on schedule!