WineDirect Web Service and Order Issues

In the event that we experience Web Service outages or interruptions, please note that these types of disruptions with the Web Services may impact transmission of orders from ShipCompliant.

Orders that attempt to batch automatically through ShipCompliant will have an exception generated which must be manually cleared before the order will attempt to automatically transmit again. 

To remove the exception login to ShipCompliant and follow the below steps:

  • Navigate to the Orders Tab and select Fulfillment management from the drop down menu
  • Under the Ready for Fulfillment section click the View/Process option next to the WineDirect fulfillment option
  • Using the check boxes next to the orders, select all orders with a fulfillment exception
  • Click the blue "More Actions Button"
  • Select "Remove Fulfillment Exception" from the drop-down menu

For more information reach out to ShipCompliant support at with any questions.