Cancelling an Inventory Out Request

Now you have the ability to cancel an Inventory Out request via the fulfillment portal.

After processing an inventory out, there is 2 ways to cancel an inventory Out request:

Option 1 to cancel:

  1. Go to “View Inventory Out Requests” to look up the inventory Out requested.
  2. Selecting the red “” icon, to proceed with cancelling the order.
  3. A pop up window confirming your request will appear. Selecting “OK” to proceed with your request and “Cancel” to back out (closing the window).
  4. After cancelling, a confirmation window will appear.

Option 2 to cancel:

  1. Go to “View Inventory Out Requests”to look up the inventory Out in the quick search field.
  2. Type in your Inventory Out request and select “Go”:
  3. Select the “Cancel this Order” button will allow you to cancel the order.
  4. After selecting the cancel button, a pop up window will appear.  Selecting “OK” to proceed with the cancellation request and  selecting “Cancel” to not proceed.
  5. Once cancelled, a confirmation window will appear. Selecting “Close” button to close the pop up window.  

For questions or permission to enable this feature, please contact your account manager.