Inventory IN and View Inventory

The Inventory IN request and View Inventory functionality have been consolidated into one centralized page. 


There are two ways to search on this page:

Quick Search: 

Search by the Order Number (IN Number) or Reference Number.


General Seach: 

Filters can be applied based on the desired search. Column name details are below:

Filter Status details:


1.  Log into the Fulfillment Portal >> Products >> Inventory In Requests:

2.  Select the "Create" button to enter a new In request:

3.  Once selected, a popup window will appear to enter in the Supplier, Reference Number and the warehouse.

4.  Selecting the "Create" button to start the draft of the Inventory In request.

5.  In the Inventory In details page, the In will be in a "Draft" status that can be modified before submitting. 

Editable fields (before submitting):

  • Reference Number
  • Expected Delivery Date
  • The expected Delivery Date cannot be a date in the past. You will not be able to submit the In and it will generate an error popup. 
  • Delivery Method ("WineDirect Pickup" or "Client Drop-Off")
  • Supplier Customer SKU(s) either adding or Removing
  • Adding a Note (optional)
    • For gift and wooden boxes, a note is required; the note should detail the type of usage of the boxes for a speedy and appropriate receiving process. The omission of this note could result in receiving delays.

6.  There are 2 ways to enter SKUs to the Inventory In request:

     a. Manually enter in the Customer SKU.

  • User can manually type in the Supplier SKU or copy/paste from their clipboard. Once the SKU has been entered, the full item description will populate.
  • Select the Subinventory onto which the user would like the inventory to be received in. Available subinventories assigned to the Supplier will be available in the drop down selection.
  • Enter the quantity (bottle count)

     b. Via spreadsheet (to mass upload products in one sweep).

  • Download the blank template by selecting the icon to mass load SKUs.  This form can be found after the user has created an Inventory In.
  • The upload template contains 3 required fields:
             - Customer SKU
             - Subinventory (found in the Move Inventory or Owned Inventory pages
             - Quantity (bottle count)

  • Once the spreadsheet has been filled out, upload the spreadsheet by selecting the icon.

7.  To process the In for receiving, select button to process the Inventory In down to HighJump. The Order Status of the In, will change from "Draft' to "Submitted" after selecting the "Submit" button.


Inventory In requests may be cancelled.  Any items received on the In request, will not be available to cancel and will generate an error popup.

There are two methods to cancel an Inventory In:

 1.  Selecting the cancel button, , located on the right side of the general search results.

  2.  Via the Inventory in details page, selecting the  button, located at the upper left of the details page.


The email for an Inventory In request will send immediately after the In is received and/or closed. 

Once inventory has been received in on the product(s), the email notification will send to the email setup for notifications.

Tip: Double checking the email notification setup on the Email Preferences page is recommended for Suppliers (Wineries) to check their preferences. 

Finding the Email notification can be located after an In Order has been received in the details:

Selecting the  button. Once selected a popup window will show a copy of the receipt sent out to the Supplier/Winery.


  • Reference numbers must be unique; it will generate an error if the same reference number is attempted upon creation.
  • Brand new SKU creation/updates can take approx 15-30 mins to create/update in the warehouse in HighJump.  Note: the user can still create a DRAFT as a place holder and resubmit at a later time.
  • Once an In has been created, it will be in "DRAFT" mode. The In can be modified as many times as the user desires before submitting. Once the In is submitted, no modifications can be made. If the user wishes to add on additional items to a submitted In, they must proceed with creating a new Inventory In request.
  • The cancel option is a permission that is added on the user account.
  • Csv export buttons are located in the search results and in the In order details.


Q: Is there a limit of the reference field for the Notes field?

      A: Yes - the character limit is 1024 (with spaces)

Q: Is there a limit to how many line items a user can upload for one Inventory In?

      A: No, but if there is an Inventory with large number of SKUs, the recommendation is to wait approximately 30 seconds (or so) before submitting the In.

Q: Where do I find the subinventory for the spreadsheet to bulk upload items?

      A: The subinventory can be found in the Inventory In details (in Draft mode) once created; the "Subinventory" drop down will reveal available subinventories assigned to the Supplier/Winery/Owner.


If there is an Inventory In that has partial receiving records and the winery/receiving team would like to force close the In order, there is an option to "Close" (force close) the partial In.

By selecting the "Close" icon, it will close the partial received In and the status will change from "Processing" to "Closed".


For inventory directly delivered to our facility, kindly give our Receiving Team a heads up by emailing and adding the respective Inventory IN request # on the company line along with "WineDirect" or "Receiving" along with including the Inventory IN request # as a reference # on the label.

These extra steps will help to ensure timely receipt of the inventory.