Owned Products Inventory

New look and feel to the Owned Inventory page!

Select the Warehouse, Subinventory, Specific SKU, and/or Search Type and click the "Go" button to see the inventory availability. Each column in your search results can be sorted by a quick click. Export to CSV (Excel) is located on each page as well.

1. The quick search by specific SKU has been moved to the top of the page! From the quick search, you can search by your Product SKU or by the WineDirect SKU.‚Äč2. Column headers have been changed: new verbiage.

What does each column mean?

  • Supplier Warehouse: The warehouse from where the inventory is located.
  • Product SKU: your Product ID/SKU or item code.
  • WineDirect SKU: WineDirect assigns this once your product is created.
  • Description: Full description of the product.
  • Subinventory: the subinventory onto where the product is held/located.
    • *Default subinventory is "Primary" - depending on your account setup, there may be additional subinventories configured*
  • On Hand: Total units/bottles on hand.
  • On Orders: Total units/bottles reserved on Orders.
  • Available to Sell: Number of units/bottles available (a negative number indicates a shortage).
  • Pending Ins: Number of units on Inventory Ins not yet received.
  • Available to Promise: Number of units available plus the pending Inventory Ins

Helpful tip: Hover your mouse over the Header to get the complete description.

Owned Products - Listing

View Current Inventory levels for products in the fulfillment system. There are two ways that you can search for inventory levels. If you search for items that you are able to sell, you will be shown a list of items currently set up in the fulfillment system. You can also limit the search further by specifying Item Type and/or Specific SKU. If, on the other hand, you search for products that you own, you will see the inventory levels in all subinventory pools (including pools for other programs).