Quality Assurance

In the event we discover damage to your wine during the receiving process, the affected products will be moved to our Quality Assurance (QA) area.  QA wine will be ready for pick up or products can be delivered to your facility during our scheduled delivery days. 

QA products will appear on the Inventory Activity Report and the Owned Inventory pages in the QA subinventory on the WD Portal and will not be available to fulfill orders. 

QA Examples:

  • Unsafe: The bottle poses a safety risk such as broken/chipped bottle or a broken champagne cage.
  • Popped Cork: The cork is not flush with bottle top.
  • Non-Compliant: The label is torn where important information is displayed: alcohol % or vintage.
  • Bad Label: There is a tear or stain of more than 1 inch on the label.