Temperature Control Services

Vinum 55 Partnership for Arizona and Texas

We are excited to share that as a WineDirect Fulfillment client, you can now take advantage of premium, fully temperature-controlled concierge-style delivery services to your customers in metropolitan areas of Arizona and Texas. This will be available through our new partnership with Vinum 55, starting March 9th, 2022. 

Rates are competitive when sending your packages through our partnership with Vinum 55 and have a flat per container fee of:

  • $65 per parcel for Arizona markets
  • $75 per parcel for Texas markets

Because orders are in Temp Control conditions throughout their entire time in transit, CoolPacks are not needed for this service.

For a list of participating zip codes, click here.

Orders going through Vinum 55 are due:

  • Central Coast - Thursdays @ 1pm with no orders holds and will ship weekly on Fridays
  • Napa Valley - Thursdays @ 1pm with no orders holds and will ship weekly on Fridays
  • Willamette Valley - Mondays @ 1pm with no order holds and will ship weekly on Tuesdays

*Please note, V55 is not a shipping carrier option offered of our Glenwillow, Ohio facility.

Getting set-up is easy as 1 2 3! Simply configure the shipping code "V55" across all your systems. 

  • WineDirect Ecommerce - If you need help, please contact our Ecommerce Support Team via:
    • Email at
    • Phone at 800-819-0325
  • ShipCompliant - If you need help, please contact ShipComplian Support at 888-449-5285
  • WineDirect Fulfillment - Contact our Account Coordinator Team via:
    • Email at
    • Phone at 707-603-4011

We will be hosting a webinar on Wednesday, 3/16 @ 10:30am PST / 1:30pm EST, click here to sign up!

Can't join? Sign up to get a copy of the recording. 


Our environmentally-friendly packaging solutions keep your wine protected from extreme temperatures. These packs provide protection equal to traditional molded polystyrene however they are 100% recyclable and break down in landfills.

We took your feedback from last year to heart and have made some great improvements to the design. The ingredients used to make the foam have been updated to ensure minimal fusing or expansion of the packaging in transit, this will help with the beading experienced last summer. There's also a new mold we'll be using this year to increase the structural strength of the product.

These, combined with our available high-density icepacks, provide excellent insulation with minimal additional weight to the overall package. We designed it to protect your wine from external heat while keeping shipping costs low.

Superior Materials:

Our shipper has superior insulation, is extremely lightweight and is 100% recyclable.

48+ Hour Protection:

Our leak-proof, high-density foam refrigerant bricks provide temperature control for 48+ hours.

Better Design:

Our packaging includes a special slot for the refrigerant brick, ensuring that it never comes in direct contact with your wine. 

Shipper Size Added Weight # of Bricks Additional Cost
2 Bottles* (750ml) 2lbs. 1 $5.00
6 Bottles (750ml) 1lbs. 1 $7.50
12 Bottles (750ml) 2lbs. 2 $10.00
1 Bottle* (1.5L) 2lbs. 1 $10.00
*Only standard foam is available for 2 750ml bottle and 1.5L bottle CoolPacks

More Information:

  • CoolPacks are not compatible with more than one large format bottle or gift sets (GSETs)
  • Please provide advance notice when submitting more than 50 CoolPack orders.
  • We recommend using 2-Day Service when the customer cannot be reached in 48 hours via Ground Service.
  • Please contact your Account Manager to learn more about our Temperature Control options or to enable the CoolPack SKU for your account.

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