September 4, 2014 Release Notes

Key enhancements for this release include the following: 

  • Delivery Exception Emails
  • Returns Management
  • New Documentation Site
  • Claims Management

Managing Delivery Exceptions

This is a particularly exciting new feature which allows you to automatically email customers and notify them of delivery exceptions. Customers can then contact you or the carrier to resolve the issue.

  1. You create and format email templates, complete with your branding, for each designated type of delivery exception.  Those emails are then automatically sent when a delivery exception is reported by the carrier.  
  2. Instructions are available here.

Note that this feature is in beta. If you would like to participate in the beta, please contact your Account Manager to have the feature enabled.

Account Administration

You’ll notice that we’ve added a new item labeled “Administration” to the portal’s main navigation.

  1. Items formerly managed under the heading “Account Setup” are now located here (portal account and pickup/delivery locations.)
  2. This is also where you’ll manage administrative functions like packing slips, email preferences, and templates (for shipment notifications and delivery exception emails.)
  3. Please contact if you don't currently have permission to view this area.

Managing Returns

It’s now much easier to manage your returns online. You can record the status, resolution, and descriptive notes for each of your returned packages via the portal. 

  • Status: A designated member of your team can update the status for each of your returned items (for example, is this a new return, is it in-process, or has it been resolved?)
  • Resolution: You can now record the ultimate resolution of each return (for example, was it refunded, reshipped, or handled in some other way?)
  • Notes: We’ve added a new field which can be used to note the reason for each return.
  • Searching Returns: Newly added filters will allow you to search orders by return status and resolution and, if you choose, to hide returns that have been fully processed.
  • Email Templates: With this feature, you can now create separate customer email templates based on return codes. You’ll find this template under “Administration” in the main navigation.  
  • Instructions for returns can be found here.

Fulfillment Documentation

With this release, we’re very excited to announce that we’ve developed a new website to house all of our fulfillment documentation.  

  • The new site, which you're viewing now, links to both our ecommerce and compliance documentation sites. Please be sure to bookmark this site so that you can find it easily in the future.
  • While logged in to the portal, you can use the search bar in the upper right corner to search our documentation site. 

Reship an Order

We’ve added a feature to allow you to reship orders via the portal.

  • When looking at the “View Shipments” report, you’ll see an icon which, when clicked, takes you to a re-ship window.
  • This new feature enables you to copy an existing order and add a new order number to indicate that it is a reshipment (1234RESHIP for example.)
  • A separate check box is used to place the order on hold while you modify it.
  • Once you’ve made any necessary changes to the shipping method or “ship to” address, you will save the order and it will be prepared for shipment.
  • Please note:  If you have an order that contains multiple packages/tracking numbers and they all need to be reshipped, be sure to copy each corresponding order.  For example, 4 tracking numbers = 4 copied orders. 
  • For instructions to reship an order click here.

Managing Claims

  • We’ve added “Claims” to the “Orders” dropdown. This allows you to view status of claims which have been submitted.
  • Once we’ve been made aware of a lost or damaged package by either you or the carrier, we’ll submit a claim to the carrier on your behalf.
  • You can opt in to automatically receive emails notifying you of status of those claims as they progress through the system. 
  • If you would like to participate, please contact or your Account Manager to have the feature explained in more detail and enabled.


Search Shipments

We’ve added a “quick search” capability to the “View Shipments” page. 

  • You can now search for shipments by customer order number, WineDirect order number, or by tracking number.

Email Notifications from WineDirect

You can now edit preferences for the following emails sent by WineDirect to your winery: shipment claims, returns, and inventory receipts. 

  • Using these preferences, you are able to specify the individuals you would like to receive these email notifications.  You may choose up to 4 email recipients.  
  • Please contact or your Account Manager for access.