Shipments, Reships & Claim status

Last update: 8/8/2015

From this page, you will be able to view all of your shipments, create reship orders, and see claim status's on orders shipped with WineDirect. You have the options to search for by a specific account, shipping date range, and shipment delivery status.


You have 2 ways to search for your shipments, using the quick search option or by the default search with Delivery Status filters (optional).  

  1. Quick search: enables you to look up by either your Customer Order Number, WD Order Number or by specific tracking number.
  2. Using the Shipment search option: You have the option to search within a specific date range (one month is the set default) & Delivery Status filters (optional).  ​​​​Selecting the expand icon, located on the left hand side of the order number, will show you additional details on the box that shipped for the order; order shipped contents, qty returned*, qty damaged* & qty missing*.  * = if applicable

To Create a Reship Order:

  • Choose "Orders" >> "Shipments"  
  • When viewing the “View Shipments” data, you’ll see a box  icon; located on the left hand side of the search results, by the order number. When selected, a re-ship window appears.  This new feature enables you to copy an existing package from an order and the system will automatically create a new order number with a "-RESHIP" extension. (1234-RESHIP for example.). 
  • Please note:  A reshipment needs to be created for each container/tracking number.  For example, if original order had 4 containers/tracking #'s, then create a reshipment for each tracking number.  The reship order number will be modified for each, i.e. 1234-RESHIP1, 1234-RESHIP2, 1234-RESHIP3, 1234-RESHIP4).

  • A separate check box "Automatically Hold" is enabled to place the order on hold to allow you to make any necessary changes to the order (address change, shipping method, etc.). The check box "Automatically Hold" by default will be selected, applying a "Shipping Instructions" hold to your order; allowing you to modify your order prior to shipment. If you do not need to make changes to your order, you can uncheck that box and proceed to save your new order. Once saved, the order will automatically clear for processing. 
  • Once completed, you will be able to locate your new order on the View Orders page of the WD Portal. 
  • *For Ecommerce users, please note that an email notification will not be generated when using this Reship feature in fulfillment*


  • All column headers can be sorted by clicking on them
  • Clicking the Order No or WD Order No is a hyperlink that will bring you to the order details. 
  • Clicking the hyperlinked tracking number opens a new window which directs you to the carriers website to track the specific package.


You can view the status of a claim in process from the shipments page.

  • Selecting the hourglass icon, located on the left hand side of the page next to the "reship" button:
  • Once selected, you will be brought to another window, displaying the claim details for that package.

For more information about carrier claims, please see our documentation on Carrier Claims.