Last Update: 5/23/18

Short Term Storage

Short Term Storage (STS) fees are billed at the end of the month for any inventory in excess of 90 days

- STS fees are charged for the following inventory types: Wine, GSETs and Accessories
- STS fees are not charged for: Food, Inserts, Packaging, Pick-to-Order (PTO) and Greeting Cards

How are my STS fees calculated?

Short Term Storage fees are calculated by SKU by looking at the inventory activity of a given SKU over the period of three (3) months/ninety (90) days. The system looks at the beginning quantity and subtracts the quantity shipped, the quantity adjusted (OUT requests for example), the quantity damaged and the quantity kitted (put into GSETs). The resulting number will be used to calculate Short Term Storage fees.

For example, if your ending quantity is 5 cases on hand and your billing rate is $0.75* per case the calculation is $0.75 x 5 cases = $3.00 invoiced.

* Please check your rate card to review your STS billing rate.